Multistep equations

Learn how to solve multistep equations like a pro with these helpful tips and tricks. Take your algebra skills to the next level and conquer complex equations with ease.
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Snow catch up part two

So today my kids were foldable overloaded. We had to make up for four lost days of curriculum. First, we started with a two step refresher foldable. The kids solved two step equations on the inside and explained in their own words how they arrived at their answer. Next, I found an awesome foldable online on teachers pay teachers. I think it is by far the best step by step foldable I have seen yet. Then, we worked out a few problems using the foldable. This led to the discussion of when the…

Blair Keeley
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Solving Equations is Like Wrapping Presents!

For my first year of teaching Algebra 1, I have made a lot of mistakes. These mistakes all revolve around an assumption. I assume that my students already know this and that. This comes from my experience in state testing remediation for 11th graders for the past three years. I now have realized that I have a chance to teach students to understand Algebra 1 from the beginning. I decided to review solving equations with my students, since this was a nightmare at the beginning of the year. I…

Heather Enos-Roberti
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Solving Equations Flipbook

File for the Post: Solving Equations Flipbook I was looking through my interactive notebook this past week and thought I'd share one of my favorite lessons. I teach geometry and I always start the year off with a quick one-week algebra review to get my students re-familiarized with solving multi-step equations. Day 1: Students will tape down the steps to solving multi-step equations on the left side of their notebook and we go through the steps together and make little notes. It is extremely…

Mr. Dee's Classroom
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Two Step Equations

The two step equations worksheets on this page include problems with integers, decimals and fractions for a variety of math operations. These beginning algebra worksheets are appropriate practice for 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade students. Full answer keys are included on the second page of each PDF file.

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Solving Linear Equations

The last pages in our ISN before my students took their first big test, after starting the ISN, was on Solving Linear Equation with Variables on Both Sides of the Equal Sign. I wanted to do a foldable that I had seen used in a science class before, it's call the Layered Book. The only thing different is that I don't glue the pages together we just staple them at the top. This foldable gave us a tab for each of the five steps and space to solve the sample problem. To create this I took 3…

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