Mushroom Hunting

Embark on a thrilling adventure and learn the best tips and tricks for mushroom hunting. Find out how to identify different types of mushrooms and uncover hidden treasures in the wilderness.
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With crispy autumn leaves underfoot and newly naked branches overhead, we took the little one to climb her first mountain. Winter is the longest season in Vermont, a sprawling and frigid affair, and autumn the most ephemeral. But when the leaves are peaking, and the harvest heavy, we are overwhelmed

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Mushrooms people are prepared to pay a few hundred dollars per dried pound? Must be the morel, distinctly different to other mushrooms with its conical cap and honeycomb appearance. In this guide, we will explore these wild mushrooms and discover what makes them desired the world over, why people are prepared to pay so much for them, how to forage for them, plus their health benefits.Warning: as morels contain small amounts of hydrazine toxins they should always be cooked before eating and…

Sophia Russell

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