Naruto uzumaki clan

Uncover the rich history and powerful abilities of the Naruto Uzumaki Clan. Learn about their unique techniques and legendary members that have shaped the Naruto universe. Join the adventure and delve into the world of the Uzumaki Clan.
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[Mr. Transmigrator]+(Naruto)+[BL] [Written By: DTaleD] [Editing: Complete] [Updating: Complete] [Chapters: Complete] [Summary] Keo Ellieja get's transmigrated into the body of a orphan that did not appear in Naruto any series. And gained some OP magic abilities, item's, and a system to fight and protect himself and become the son of the heaven's. But... . . . "I don't want to be the son of the heaven's, I just want to be a civilian", Keo Said. he doesn't want to fight(But he train's himself…

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