Natural hair transitioning

Transitioning to natural hair? Discover easy and stylish tips to make your journey smooth and successful. Embrace your natural beauty and rock your new hair with confidence.
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There are so many women who desire to become natural without having to do the "big chop". These women simply want their hair to grow out to a point where they feel comfortable enough with cutting the relaxed ends off. This is called transitioning. This client had hair that came past her shoulders. She has been transitioning for a little over a year now and says she is tired of having two different textures of hair. Half of her hair is in its natural state and the other half is straight from…

LaToya Jones
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If you’re reading this, then you are most likely wondering how to transition to natural hair from non-natural (i.e. chemically treated) hair. Learning how to transition to natural hair is no easy feat, so congratulations for making the first step to long, healthy, natural hair. You’ve come to the right…

Swiyyah Butler