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Discover stunning hairstyle ideas for natural redheads. Embrace your fiery locks and find the perfect hairstyle that enhances your unique features.
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While redheads have become synonymous with Ireland and Scotland, American photographer Brian Dowling who now lives in Berlin(Germany), photographed over 130 redheads from 20 different countries for his project “Redhead Beauty”.

Brittany Lancaster
Redheads rejoice! A new study discovered a compound to give skin a suntan without the sun. This is big news for those with fair skin that easily burns... Tan Redhead, Blonde With Freckles, Color For Fair Skin, Hair Color For Fair Skin, Natural Red Hair, Ginger Hair Color, Red Hair Woman, Beautiful Red Hair, Strawberry Blonde Hair

A new compound promises to give skin a suntan without the sun. Alert: Major redhead news! For all of theof the world, we know the feeling of wanting a natural tanned glow. Many redheads tried countless sunless tanners and at some point in life, accept the skin for what it is: fair, gorgeous.. and not able to tan. But there is hope — researchers in the US have successfully darkened human skin cells grown in a petri-dish, providing an artificial tan that lasted for days. The Massachusetts…

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