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Discover effective and natural ways to protect your skin from the sun. Learn how to keep your skin healthy and glowing while enjoying the outdoors with these top sun protection ideas.
DIY SUNSCREEN RECIPE | 10 Oils With Natural SPF | I think this recipe is a great addition to my normal sun protection tactics, and I could see a difference on days when were were out in the yard gardening.  If you want to substitute some of the oils in the recipe here's a handy chart of natural SPF. Natural Remedies, Essential Oils, Homemade Beauty Products, Sunscreen Recipe, Herbal Remedies, Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Natural Sunscreen, Oil Recipes

We decided this summer we would make our own sunscreen. I know it's a bit late in the season, but we tested out 4 different ratios of oil to zinc oxide before determining that this was the best one. This recipe shouldn't be the end-all and be-all answer to your sun prevention needs. I usua

Jennifer Wilkin
6 Sun-Protection Foods to Turn Your Skin Into an Anti-Wrinkle Fortress Snacks, Natural Remedies, Summer, Natural Health Care, Home Remedies For Acne, Anti Aging Skin Care, Uv Protection, Natural Cures, Skin Healing

While you should never skip sunscreen, some foods may protect you from sun damage. Certain antioxidant-packed foods contain the fuel you need to guard and protect your skin from UV rays and wrinkles. Here’s what you should eat to reverse sun damage — plus a smoothie recipe that incorporates all six foods.

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