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As the Pentagon and Congress grapple on determining what to build to meet the “500-ship U.S. Navy goal,” a couple of years-old ideas and artist renderings may lead to a more flexible future for the U.S. Navy’s global operations. BAE Systems' UXV and Naval Group’s “Ocean Avenger” are Potential Candidates.

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Naval Analyses: WARSHIPS OF THE PAST: Worcester class anti-aircraft cruisers of the United States Navy Decoration, Military, Mchale's Navy, Ww11, Us Navy Ships, Navy Ships, United States Navy, Usn, United States

Written by D-Mitch USS Worcester, lead ship of theWorcester class cruisers Warships with the size of a battleship and armament of a light cruiser, the Worcester class anti-aircraft cruisers of the United States Navy were the ultimate all-gun light cruisers. With a full displacement of approximately 18,000 tons and a length of more than 207 meters (!), they were larger and heavier than any light or heavy cruiser of WWII and post-war cruisers (and their missile conversions) with only very few…

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Naval Analyses: INFOGRAPHICS #34: The attack submarines of Asia and Australia in 2018 (China and Russia excluded) Naval Force, Singapore Navy, India World Map, Naval, Us Navy Ships, Hms Ark Royal, Royal Australian Navy, Modern War, Indian Navy

Written by D-Mitch Japan, perhaps except Russia and China, has the most modern and advanced submarine fleet in Asia region. In the following infographic, named The Attack Submarines of Asia and Australia in 2018, I depict all the attack submarines that are in active service in Asia and Australia continents right now (and will continue to be part of their Navies until the end of 2018). Please note that in comparison with the previous graphs, The Attack Submarines of Europe in 2017 (updated…

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The Turkish defence industry offers high-technology and cost efficient solutions in compliance with NATO standards to navies in the world, notably the Turkish Naval Forces, in need of various types of sea platforms. The industry has a vast product portfolio including not only warships, auxiliary ships, boats, submarines but also unmanned sea systems and gun turrets.

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New Submarines Compared: Columbia Class, Dreadnought Class And SNLE-3G - Naval News Military, Naval, Maritime, Military Weapons, Stealth, Russian Submarine, Naval Force, Battleship, Concept

Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBNs) form the backbone of nuclear deterrents. Yet the types in service with NATO navies, the U.S., U.K., and France, are reaching the ends of their service lives. The new submarines which are being built to succeed them should keep the deterrent dependable in an uncertain future.

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Naval Group is a partner to its customers' maritime sovereignty. An international player in naval defence and heir to French naval know-how, Naval Group develops innovative solutions to meet the needs of navies. Present throughout the entire life cycle of the ships, the group designs, builds, integrates and maintains submarines and surface ships, as well as their systems and equipment, through to dismantling. It also provides services for shipyards and naval bases. A high-tech company, it…

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