Neck Tattoo

Explore unique and stylish neck tattoo designs to make a bold statement. Find inspiration for your next tattoo and express your individuality with confidence.
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Nowadays, small tattoos are becoming more and more popular among men. Small tattoos are a great way to get inked without making a huge commitment and since they’re small, they’re a great way to try out different designs. They’re also a great way for men to get inked for the first time, or to add

Débora Pires
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Taken from her big family at the age of 4, Sofia Russo is facing one of the worst trauma that can happen to anyone. Abused, stabbed, starved, and many other things; but she's not giving up even tho she's going through pain and depression. Every night she dreams of returning to her family and reuniting with her 6 older brothers and her two loving parents. ------------ Warning⚠️: This story contains the mention of abuse, depression, sexual abuse, and mature language!!!!! Mafia story :)

daniel quiroz

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