Nervous system projects

Explore exciting and hands-on nervous system projects that will engage and educate science enthusiasts of all ages. Discover how to create interactive models and experiments to better understand the complexities of the human nervous system.
Nervous System Model

When my daughter recently had to build a nervous system model; I, like many parents went to the Google search engine, only to discover the only helpful models were that of, clay brains. My daughter…

Shannon Simon
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As part of our Anatomy unit. We are retaking the learning of the brain. We have been working on this in the past however as my son gets older we revisit this unit and add more information that now he can handle because he is older. Donwload Unit Now This unit works well on a stand alone or as a resource to be paired with any other unit on The Human Brain. Why Interactive Notebooks? Interactive notebooks are a must have in our homeschooling. I came across this idea long ago when I started…

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