Net bag

Discover creative and practical ways to use net bags in your daily life. From carrying groceries to organizing your belongings, explore ideas to make the most of net bags.
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Learn how to crochet a market bag/net bag/string bag easy and fast with my tutorial! This is a beginner friendly tutorial where I show and explain every step. You'll be able to crochet this bag of any size you want. But be aware that the handles and the bag itself will stretch with use, especially if you put a lot of heavy stuff in it. So keep this in mind when deciding which bag size to crochet.

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2 pack market bags in gray & beige color for produce, travel, storage or gifting for friends and family. These net bags are super lightweight, foldable and durable that can hold an impressive amount of items- up to 30 lbs! They may appear small but the string net expands once loaded with weight. These bags are great alternative to plastic bags since they are reusable and washable. They are made with natural cotton and the long straps make it easy to carry fruits and vegetables. Please note…

Brooke Gardner