Off grid power

Discover the latest off-grid power solutions to live a sustainable and independent lifestyle. Explore top ideas for generating electricity and reducing your reliance on traditional power sources.
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When an emergency strikes how can you ensure that you have an endless supply of hot water even when there is no electricity? Endless hot water without electricity is no longer a dream! Even our modern world there are times that power outages happen for reasons beyond our control. At those times you will be […]

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The power grid going down is more likely than we like to think. In July 2012, a massive solar flare hit earth's orbit. The earth was just 9 days away from that part of the orbit. If it had hit earth, it would have destroyed the electrical power grid and all electronic equipment across large parts of the earth. The grid going down isn't just a power cut, it will have devastating effects on society as we know it. Learn how to prepare for grid down with #prepping #survival…

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