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Transform your old house into a charming and stylish home with these timeless interior design ideas. Explore ways to preserve the character of your old house while adding modern touches.
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Jonathan Wilmot and Robert Tucker have lived in Rochester at Restoration House since 1994. Growing up in Australia, Robert Tucker had set his sights on seeing the world and becoming a writer. ‘In those days I was teaching myself how to describe visual phenomena in words - it

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Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900) painted "Twilight in the Wilderness" in 1860, when he was 34 years old. I finally "saw" it (like Jake 'saw' Neytiri in 'Avatar') when I was in my middle 40s. I'd been given a book for Christmas titled "The Hudson River School, Nature and the American Vision" and in its illustrations I had glimpsed the infinite. OK, sounds hokey, but in the wake of the experience I found myself haunting museums, classy bookstores and the Hudson River School collection at the…

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Modern conveniences and busy schedules have made modern housekeeping faster and less hands-on. But what important, old-fashioned homemaking skills have we lost? Here are some ideas to inspire you, and tips to get you started. Table of contents1. 🍎 Gardening2. 🥫 Preserving Seasonal Food3. 🍞 Baking Bread4. 🍽 Cooking from scratch5. 📒 Planning ahead6. 🧶

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