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little guy maker / ちっちゃいメーカー my third picrew :0 (first two were years old, ive since deleted them) please credit @reelrollsweat on tumblr *** — ok to use : profile picture/banner oc reference minor edits — do not use : commercial use (merch, print, adopt, etc) tracing pngtuber nft or ai art generator — いいこと : アイコン オリキャラ / キャラデザイン 多少の加筆 — ダメなこと : 商用利用 トレス PNGチューバー NFTとかAI学習 *** — inspiration : toon me by hellosunnycore baby carrot outfit maker by baby_carrot_art おさむメーカー by おさむくん *** 8.8.23…

teenage dream

It’s no secret that everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then. Whether you’re feeling stressed out, exhausted, or straight-up unmotivated, it’s easy to get caught up in our everyday burdens. Luckily, sometimes all it takes to step out of that zone is to glance at something sweet or chucklesome.

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How to answer to the question 'Should I or shouldn't I?' I read interestedly, the dilemma of someone I know vaguely, aired on social media this week. This person had spent some years living abroad, and had adopted some of the habits of the general population in her adopted third world country, bringing them home and attaching a normality to them that is not upheld where she now lives. She asked whether we shared her view of normality of this particular habit, as she had experienced some…