Open faced sandwich

Discover mouthwatering open faced sandwich recipes that are perfect for a quick and easy meal. Try these tasty ideas and elevate your sandwich game today.
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These little treats show up whenever Czechs organize a family party! They are called Obložené chlebíčky, or in English, open-faced sandwiches. ➜ Open-faced sandwich definition Open-faced sandwiches, or obložené chlebíčky, are slices of white bread (known as "veka" in Czech) that are spread with potato salad (bramborový salát) or simply butter and adorned with cold...Read More

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The Danish open-faced sandwich consists of a base of rugbrød (rye bread), a main component (usually meat or fish), and garnishes to create the perfect balanced bite! Our recipe includes a list of ingredients to create 9 different versions of smørrebrød.

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