Optical illusion tattoo

Get ready to be amazed by these mind-bending optical illusion tattoo designs. Explore the top ideas to find a unique and captivating tattoo that will leave everyone in awe.
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This Artist Creates Surrealist Tattoos That Can Boggle Your Mind

It’s absolutely astonishing what modern artists can do with tattoos. However, our hero today, Arlo DiCristina, takes body art to a whole new level. As the husband of another gifted tattoo artist named Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Arlo surprisingly doesn’t compete with his wife. On the contrary, he has his own unique style that’s been highly praised by over 600,000 fans on Instagram.

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Medusa Blurry Effect

So you have decided to get a tattoo, but those straightforward ones most people have are not your cup of tea? In this case, may I interest you in some psychedelic tattoos? It is a common miscomprehension that trippy tattoos are all very complicated, but in fact, there are quite a lot of easy trippy tattoos out there that are still incredibly beautiful and will play a trick on your vision. And it doesn’t have to be something big to produce that effect. Small trippy tattoos are as fascinating…

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