Orkney islands

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the Orkney Islands. Discover stunning landscapes, ancient history, and vibrant culture on this captivating archipelago.
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The best place to see orca, whales and dolphins in Orkney is from the land. Hoxa Head (South Ronaldsay), Marwick Head and Scapa Flow (West Mainland) are all popular whale watching spots in Orkney's Mainland, while Catnick Head (Hoy), Noup Head (Westray) and North Hill (Papa Westray) are some of the best places to see orca in the Orkney Islands. Joining a wildlife tour is a great way to maximise your chances of orca and whale sightings, with Ocean Trek offering a great Historical and Wildlife…

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Wow you're planning a road trip to Orkney, the amazing islands that will take your breath away, we know the feeling very well! Despite being passionate about mountains and hiking in high places, we headed to Orkney and were never disappointed. Although the islands mostly feature gentle rolling hills, we easily fell in love with

Shelley Perigo