Oven canning

Learn how to safely and easily can your favorite foods using the oven canning method. Discover step-by-step instructions and delicious recipes to preserve your harvest for the whole year.
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Odds are we're not going to have the luxury of machines to help us do the simple things like can our own meats and vegetables forever. So it makes sense to learn how to can your own meats and vegetables without a pressure canner now, instead of waiting until it's too late to have the ... Read more

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Promoted from time to time as a “new” home canning technique, “oven canning” is actually an old technique. It has been around since at least the 1920s — and it has been discredited and advised against since the 1940s. It involves “baking” your filled jars of food in the oven, instead of water bath processing...Read More

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Canned meat is the best way of preserving foods without freezer burn and thawing! When we process a whole deer, we love making canned venison, it's very similar to beef but much leaner. Canned meats can be made from chicken, pork, beef, or any other cut of meat. Once you have meat in a can, you can make so many recipes! This is the complete guide for canning meat and ways to use it!