Paddle board plans

Take your paddle boarding experience to the next level by building your own board. Explore these DIY paddle board plans and start crafting your own personalized board today.
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OK, great, now I need to add a paddle board to my bucket list of boats. Dam you Kevin Fitzke! Fellow Woody Boater Kevin sent this in yesterday regarding a first Last Gasp. WOW! As Kevin put it, "my "Last Gasp" but also my "First Inhale" for a better lack of analogy as I just

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Want to build your own wood paddle board? We are proud to announce that the industry leader in wood paddle boards is offering diy stand up paddle board plans. These paddle board kits and plans make it easy to design and build your own paddle board. We make it easy with free paddle board plan downloads.

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John “Captain Jack” Hess got an early start with strip-building, but it wasn’t with boats. Around 30 years ago, his sons Chris, Ben, and Jonathan, and his daughter Sara, all took an interest in Soap Box Derby racing and Jack guided them through the process of making gravity-powered Derby cars, each custom-fit to its young . . .

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How to Build a Wood Paddle Board: Why build a wooden SUP? Paddle boarding is inherently a very clean activity but when you consider the harmful chemicals, overseas manufacturing, and short lifespan of foam paddleboards, things look quite different. For a long time I have lived with…

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