Paint crown molding same as wall

Discover the best ways to paint crown molding and whether to match it with the wall color or create a contrast. Get expert tips and ideas for a seamless and stylish look.
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While crown molding acts as a frame for your home's decor by trimming the top of the walls, baseboards are responsible for pulling together your design at the bottom of your walls. Since these elements work together, you may be wondering if the baseboards and crown molding should match. We have done the research to […]

Jenny Waites
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When building or remodeling a house, picking out paint colors is an exciting step! The colors selected for each room of your home are important in setting the tone and feel, but what about the crown molding? What color should it be painted? Should it be the same color as the walls? We have looked […]

Paula Igney
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Crown molding is a luxurious and stylish decor element. Naturally, you want to show it off! You may be wondering what color you should paint your crown molding so that it looks its best. We've researched the latest design trends and classic styles to compile a list of the best colors to paint your crown […]

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Floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings are undeniably dreamy, but these kinds of architectural features not always the reality for many homeowners and renters. Oftentimes, you get stuck with low-ceiling rooms that feel like they’re literally cramping your style. Fear not though—low ceilings don’t have to be a stylistic setback. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to make your walls appear taller and your home more expansive.

Jo Buchanan-Smith