Painted canvas shoes

Elevate your style with these creative and colorful painted canvas shoes. Discover unique designs and techniques to personalize your footwear and make a statement.
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Painting shoes used to be my JAM. I was always eyeing those clearance racks in search of cheap canvas shoes to paint on. Shoes are an interesting canvas - you have to be thoughtful about your composition, you get to wear your art, and you wouldn't believe the friends you can make

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Have you ever gone shoe shopping but couldn’t find the right pair to match your style? Here’s a creative workaround: personalized hand-painted shoes! This tutorial from Danielle Lazala will show you how easy it is to turn a basic pair of white canvas shoes into a work of art that you can wear with Tulip Brush-On Fabric

Sarah Rochel
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Are you tired of your plain canvas shoes and looking for a way to express your style? Painting your canvas shoes is an easy and inexpensive way to customize and make them unique. You can transform your shoes into bold and eye-catching accessories with a few essential tools and some creativity.

Denise Scussel
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We’ve already shown you how even the most casual of pieces can make an outfit sing, but what about those plain white sneaker you buy each summer? Sure, they’re known as one of the most basic summer musts for both the cost and versatility, but why not use them as the canvas to a fantastic DIY project? Why not get to coloring on ’em before the sand and grass-stains beat you to it! Ahead, three easy ways to transform your drab sneaks into mini masterpieces. Read on for these three easy (yet…

Danielle Hilsinger