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Discover practical and efficient filing systems to organize your paperwork effectively. Simplify your life and find what you need quickly with these top ideas for paperwork organization.
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20 Organizing Life Hacks - How to Nest for Less™

We are crazy about paper and creating a place for every piece of paper in our home! We are going through an 8-week organizing paper series and today we are wrapping up with reference files. Which is any paper you need to refer to, but not on a daily basis like our actions files. For […]

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NO MORE PAPER PILES! Manage your incoming mail, kids school papers, catalogs and magazines with a simple kitchen counter filing system! Office Counter Organization, How To Organize Mail And Papers, Countertop Mail Organization, Style Office Shelves, Organizing Papers At Home, File Holder Diy, Paper Organization Office, Sidetracked Home Executives, Organize Mail

{organizing with style} Managing Kitchen Paper Piles with a Simple Filing System

One of the blogs that inspired me to start my own was iHeartOrganizing. This year, iHeart’s Jen is issuing a monthly organizing challenge, and February is focused on the kitchen. While I certainly need to

Gina Murphy
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Printable Instant Home Filing System 27 File Cards/index Hanging File Tabs Paper Organization System Digital File by Life's Lists - Etsy

I created this printable Instant Filing System with pre-labeled printable filing tabs, working as a professional organizer, to help my clients take the thought out of where their paper should go. Simply print the tabs, insert them in hanging files and you are ready to start filing! My 27 page guide explains what papers should be filed behind each tab and most importantly when they can be removed. (Note: These pages are for general advice. Always consult your tax preparer or lawyer if you are…

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