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Explore the fascinating journey of Park Yoo Chun, from his early days as an idol to his successful transition into acting. Discover his most iconic roles and get a glimpse into his inspiring career.
[HanCinema's News] Park Yoo-chun Abandoned by DCInside Fans Gyeongju, Ansan, Park Yoo Chun, Bus System, Living On The Road, Japanese Market, Korean Wave, Korean Entertainment, The Heavens

On April 30th Park Yoo-chun's DCInside gallery posted a final letter. In the letter, his fans state that they looked to the heavens. They prayed. At Park Yoo-chun's press conference one fan even sincerely screamed for succor. But in the end they were only hurt once more, Park Yoo-chun

[HanCinema's News] Park Yoo-chun Moved to Prosecutorial Custody Ansan, Suwon, Park Yoo Chun, Jung Woo Sung, Bus System, Woo Sung, Living On The Road, Acceptance Speech, Goodfellas

At 10:00 AM on May 3rd the plan is for Park Yoo-chun to be sent to prosecutorial custody. The announcement comes as prosecutors have moved quickly to build a case against Park Yoo-chun. Consequently, it is no longer necessary for him to stay in jail pending a full summation of the charges against him, Park Yoo-chun

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Park Yoochun was named as the top hero in drama series that is most heart-throbbing this spring. Park Yoochun ranked at first position in a recently concluded questionnaire survey by Lamar Clinic on “The leading actor in drama series that is most heart tempting.” From May 1st, 2012 to May 15th, 2012, Lamar Clinic conducted […]

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