Patriotic stars

Discover creative and inspiring ideas to incorporate patriotic stars into your home decor, crafts, and celebrations. Get inspired to show your love for your country with these stunning ideas.

This is the perfect 18-inch Stars and Stripes star for anyone who loves America and wants to show their pride. I handcrafted this star from sturdy exterior plywood, durable latex paint, and strong exterior-grade glue. This is my best-selling star on Etsy and it has received rave reviews from many happy customers. I created this star for a friend's husband who served in the military, she asked me to make something special for him. Since then, I have been making these stars for other people…

Peggy Summers
Rustic Star Flag - RYOBI Nation Projects Woodworking Projects, Diy, Wood Crafts, Scrap Wood Projects, Diy Woodworking, Diy Wood Projects, Woodworking Projects Diy, Wood Crafting Tools, Pallet Crafts

I had some leftover scraps, so I decided to knock out a quick little project today. The project took me about 35 mins from start to finish. First I cut a star pattern out of some particle board, then I started to cut my pieces out from furring strips to make out the flag. I then torched all of the pieces, then glued and nailed them into place. Once nailed into place, I then lightly torched the white pieces of flag, to tone down and give a more warm rustic look to it. I then cleared the piece…

Josh Easterling