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An earth tone studio portrait sequence on expired Kodak Portra 160VC film by Brian D Smith Photography. Brian shoots on a contax 645 with a savage olive seamless backdrop guiding his subject through a sequence of quick, creative portrait poses to show off the mood and character of his subject. #portraitphotography #portraitinspo #studioportraitideas #earthtones #expiredfilm Portrait, Studio, Photography Posing Guide, Studio Portrait Photography, Studio Photography Poses, Photography Portraits, Creative Photography Techniques, Photography Women, Photographer Self Portrait

Brian D Smith is a portrait photographer in Charleston SC and Traverse City Michigan. He photographs portraits on location and in his Charleston and Traverse City portrait studio locations - Studio Sixty Reid. Brian specializes in heirloom portraiture, branding portraits and editorial portraits. His work is soulful and story driven, using portraiture to communicate the extent of the character of his subjects and the businesses and brands they represent. Brian is film photographer with a…

Film Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Charleston SC
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Despite the knowledge that someone knows exactly where you live, there are people who seem to think that horrible, annoying or just deeply petty behavior is acceptable. Even stranger, in the 21st century, it has never been easier to document insufferable behavior, including legally permissible evidence like videos and pictures.

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