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Get ready to laugh with these funny and adorable moments of pigeons. Discover the antics and charm of these feathered friends in this collection of entertaining videos and images.
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This was in my dentist's waiting room. via Designated crying area in my university's testing center. via Russian pigeon. via These radiation vests for female astronauts are mildly-topographical. via If at first you don't succeed.. via Girlfriend and I finally got the shot of our dreams. via Nice to see you again, Freddie! via My

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Used for laying eggs and sheltering the little ones, bird nests vary in shape, size, and type. While some feathered creatures opt for a simple scrape nest by creating a shallow depression in the ground, for instance, others weave intricate ones out of twigs and other materials.

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People Are Posting Pics Of Animals With Threatening Auras, And Here Are 45 Of The Best Ones

Congratulations, you've lived through toilets with threatening auras. But we can't let you go that easy, no no. Prepare yourself, it's time for intimidating animals. I'm talking about toads that look like they're about to take over the world and creepy crows turning on the chainsaw. Edgar Allan Poe would definitely approve of these pics. Scroll down, take a look at the animals with the most threatening auras, and try not to squeak!

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