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Explore the world of pinhole photography and learn how to capture stunning and unique images using a simple pinhole camera. Get inspired with top pinhole photography ideas and start creating your own masterpieces.
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Aspen Aerogels, which makes what arguably is the world’s best insulation, has flopped in a hot market. The company, which produces a super insulating material that leverages the unique properties of air, offered 7.5 million shares for $11 per share this week, below the anticipated $14 to $16 per share price. [...]

Özge Bi
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There are some AMAZING lens's and attachments out there right now, but they are so expensive. This is a super cheap way to make a pinhole lens and create some really cool photos. All you need is 1 camera, and 1 water bottle. Cut the two sides of the plug, and pull it out. *Thank you Cody for your help and mechanical genius. The water bottle lid will fit directly onto the lens, just gently twist it on. You will be shooting right through the spout. The effect is really cool and artistic.

Małgorzata Lebelt
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What is a pinhole camera? It's a camera with no lens. Pinhole cameras are usually homemade and can be made of almost any box that is dark and hallow. Photos are taken through a tiny (pin) hole on one side of the box and are manually exposed by uncovering the hole for a moment. You can read more technical info here. The thing I love about pinhole cameras is that...