Discover the captivating story of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who longs to become a real boy. Explore the adventures and life lessons from this beloved children's tale.
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This is my 3D project for DAE, where our objective is to produce a rendering or image that blends elements of a painting with the aesthetics or ambiance of a movie or TV series. For my project, I've selected Caravaggio's masterpiece, "Narcissus," in which Narcissus becomes enamored with his own reflection while gazing into the water. I've juxtaposed this with the character of Pinocchio, who perpetually yearns to transform into a real boy. In this context, the reflection symbolizes a…

Ele Sat
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Pinocchio, American animated film, released in 1940, that is one of Walt Disney’s most beloved classics, known for its brilliant animation and compelling story. Adapted from a novel by C. Collodi, it chronicles the adventures of a wooden puppet whose lonely maker, Geppetto, wishes were a real boy.

Anna Thorpe

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