Plum vinegar

Discover the tangy and flavorful world of plum vinegar with these delicious recipes. From salads to marinades, explore new ways to incorporate this versatile ingredient into your cooking.
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Making vinaigrette dressings is so easy. Plus, you’re in control of the flavor and ingredient and I like making it up in small batches. I’m a fool about canning jars so I like to make mine in jars and shake them instead of whisking. I don’t measure anything. I just pour it in, shake...Read More »

Mary Ann
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NOTE: Here are step-by-step directions for making homemade fermented gourmet raw vinegar from fresh fruits. Any kind of fruit can be used….you decide! Making your own raw fruit vinegar is an art and a science that’s useful, fun, and will save you a ton of money and increase your health because of th