Pork green chili recipe colorado

Experience the true flavors of Colorado with this authentic pork green chili recipe. Learn how to create a delicious and spicy dish that will transport you to the Rocky Mountains.
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Colorado Pork Green Chili is a flavorful dish featuring tender chunks of pork simmered with spicy peppers to create a delicious and hearty stew.

Destiny Brooks
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Here in Colorado, we like our mexican food authentic and Spicy. In our house, that's Spicy with a capital "S". Mr. Tasty especially can't get food hot enough for him. Whenever he's out to dinner, he will ask for a side of jalapenos with his meal, no matter how spicy the entree is. Several times a year, I make this big batch of green chili and then freeze portions for meals and his hot fix throughout the week. When the freezer runs dry, he's johnny-on-the-spot to let me know. I've been…

David Nelson
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The Colorado Green Chili appears often on lists that name the most iconic foods in Colorado. The Green Chili is often used as a topping for another dish (a burrito for example). Try out this recipe for Colorado Green Chili – you will not be disappointed!


When we make this, we go big! I make five times the regular recipe and freeze it in quart jars. Even then, it doesn't last long around here! Serving options: pour over burritos, mix with cheese for chip dip, add to scrambled eggs or omelettes. (One serving equals 6 oz.)

Heather Sorrentino