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Transform your design studio with these creative pottery room ideas. Discover how to create a functional and inspiring space to unleash your artistic talents.
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What! Turn Our Garage Into A Pottery Studio? Planning a ceramics studio conversion needs some careful thought. A two-car garage under a suburban home has to be converted into a small pottery teaching studio that could house 6 – 10 students. It would also be used as a private studio two days a week. The […]

Corry Pepper
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Let's be clear, this is not a guide to the ideal pottery studio. This is, however, a guide to the very basics. The down and dirty, bare bones basics that will get your hands covered in mud and making. Carve Out a Space First, you need space. You really can't skip this part. However, you need less space than you might think. The minimum space needed would include: Just enough room to move around safely A work-space for hand building and/or room for a wheel A small shelving unit for tools and…

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I've been doing this pottery thing for a good 2 years now and over that time I've collected some things that I can't live without in the studio. I hope you enjoy this blogpost, if you have any question: let me know! 1. Plaster boards I use my plaster boards every day. Mostly to wedge my clay, but also use them to recycle clay or to dry out pieces that I’ve thrown on the wheel but flopped. I have a few different kinds of plaster boards. One big one (45 by 45 cm), which I use mostly to wedge…

Jan Curran