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How to Make an Easy Tube Pillowcase with only 3 Seams! | The Burrito Pillow Case

how to make the cutest pillowcases with only three seams! That's right three straight seams and you're done. They're easy-peasy. This is perfect for a beginner sewer, but those who see the end result will think you're a pro. These pillow cases are also known by the names, burrito, sausage, hot dog, tube, rolled or magic pillowcase.

Carol Litkenhaus
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How to Sew Easy Baskets with 10" Squares - Layer Cake Leftover Project!

I love sewing projects that use pre-cut fabrics but I often have a handful of leftovers pieces that I’m not sure what to do with. That’s why I designed this easy basket that you can sew with 10’’ layer cake squares! It’s a fast and easy to sew fabric basket that’s reversible too.

Julie Purin