Pressed roses

Learn how to preserve the beauty of roses with these creative ideas for pressed roses. Explore unique crafts and decorations to showcase the elegance of pressed roses in your home.
Pressed flower stained glass frame made with real, dried roses and leaves I picked and pressed myself. Natural shelf decor / wall hanging decoration for all botanical and rose lovers. Perfect Christmas or wedding gift.

This botanical decor is made with traditional stained glass technique - I cut two glass panels and place floral composition in between them, then I bond them with copper tape and solder with tin. Next I use patina to color the frame black or copper, and wax the solder lines. Roses, Stained Glass, Ideas, Decoration, Valentine's Day, Vintage, Pressed Flowers Frame, Pressed Flowers, Stained Glass Decor

One of a kind Housewarming gift - soldered staned glass panel with dried rose bouquet. Pressed roses frame - shelf decoration or wall hanging decor. Red rose, white rose and pressed leaves in a stained glass silver, black or vintage copper frame. Perfect valentines day gift, romantic date gift, wedding present, Christmas gift for girl

Lindsey Sasso