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Hi, I am Yeo Shi Jie, 0330176. Site Analysis establishes the context or environment for both projects 1 and 2. In assigned tutorial groups with 11 students, the students conduct a site visit where they record, observe and gather data informing the physical and social dimensions of the environment. Method used in data collection may include sketches, diagrams, photography, videography, audio recordings, secondary site data from various local authorities, and simple interviews focusing on but…

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Hi, I am Yeo Shi Jie, 0330176. For the final project, we will concentrate on designing a Community Centre within an urban block site. The design of the building is to consist of appropriate architectural responses that address the aspects of the urban street context and user behavioural patterns as discerned and analysed in the Preliminary Studies. Apart from developing a narrative on architectural strategy in response to the relevant questions pertaining to community and its context, the…