Pruning orchids

Learn how to properly prune your orchids to encourage healthy growth and vibrant blooms. Discover expert tips and techniques to keep your orchids thriving all year round.
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Orchid Care After Flowering - Everyday Orchids

Curious about orchid care after flowering and what to do with your orchid after the flowers fall off? Read more here about how to care for your orchid after it's flowers fall off, including best care practices, repotting and how you can get it to rebloom. #Orchid #OrchidCare #Rebloom #orchidflowers

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How To Take Care of Orchid Roots - Everyday Orchids

Learn how to take care of your orchid roots. Plus, how they function, how to keep them healthy, and what to do if your orchid roots have rotted or dried up. Learn how to prune orchid roots, what you should do with aerial roots, and how to save an orchid without roots. #Orchid #OrchidCare #RootOrchid #Houseplant #IndoorGardening

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