Pto membership drive

Looking to increase your PTO membership? Check out these creative drive ideas that will engage your community and encourage more people to join your organization.
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Behind every successful school membership or sponsorship drive, there must be creative ways to capture the attention and interest of potential volunteers and financial sponsors. To encourage parents to join, many school PTO and PTA groups hold an annual membership drive, often coinciding with the start of the school year and in many cases, back to school night or meet the teacher night. This theme works great when hosting a membership drive at an school ice cream social fundraiser!

Jannette Garcia
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Behind every successful school organization, are its amazing members. Members and volunteers are the lifeblood parent organizations and associations. They help to fulfill your mission, provide helping hands, offer financial support and make the organization run smoothly! Because of this, increasing membership should be the top goal for any School PTO or PTA group. Holding an annual membership and/or sponsorship drive is a great way to accomplish these goals. Below we have outlined some…

Jill Rash