Raising godly children

Discover effective strategies and practical advice for raising godly children. Cultivate a strong foundation of faith and values in your kids for a bright future.
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Being a Christian mom in today’s fast-paced world is both rewarding and challenging. Our generation of parenting is faced with a new set of obstacles when it comes to raising Godly kids in a Christian household. I've put together 5 christian parenting tips on my Christian parenting blog to help Christian moms navigate raising godly children!

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Do you bring your little one to church on Sunday? Many moms believe that this is how you teach children about Christ. But after having my daughter, I realized that the purpose of a Christian Mom is SO much more than this. Being a mama is one of the most important jobs the Lord has

Jessica Neff
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To the Mom Who Wants to Raise Godly Kids, I know you, friend. While we've never met in person, I know your heart and how you long to raise kids who love the Lord. Your heart's desire is to grow children who have a personal relationship with God and have deep roots of faith. Yet

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As I tread deeper and deeper into the rushing waters of motherhood, I keep finding solace in this truth: God's Word is not silent on parenting. Across the Old Testament all the way into the New, the Lord highlights the critical relationship between mothers, fathers, and their children, using real-life testimonies and His own direct

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