Rare fish

Explore the fascinating world of rare fish species and be captivated by their unique characteristics. Dive into our collection of rare fish ideas and add a touch of wonder to your aquarium.
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Ever had a huge crush on aphmau guys? Well... Your not alone In this book you can read small one shots and scenarios of your love! The lovely lads are~ Garroth Zane Vylad Gene Aaron Laurence Dante Travis More to come! Your welcome to suggest guys & scenarios :3 No lemon No lime No smut (even tho thats lemon but weh) This is will be based towards girls, sorreh ALL CHARACTERS EXCEPT Y/N BELONGS TO THE BEAUTIFUL APHMAU/JESSICA Y/N is all yours >:3

Terri Dumensil

Check out these animals, although you'll have to look closely. Why? Because they're invisible! Well ok, maybe not, but they are transparent. Want to know why many of the animals featured below are sea-dwelling creatures? The answer is all about self-preservation. As pointed out by Scientific American's Sönke Johnsen, "almost all open ocean animals not otherwise protected by teeth, toxins, speed or small size have some degree of invisibility."


The McCosker's Flasher Wrasse or Paracheilinus mccoskeri is a flasher wrasse from the western Indo-Pacific, where they are found from the east coast o

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