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Explore the raw beauty of nature with these top ideas to achieve a natural and authentic look. Embrace your inner beauty and enhance your features with these tips and tricks.
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As the photographer revealed in her recent "Nicer Tuesdays talk":https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/nicer-tuesdays-march-2018-sophie-harris-taylor-200418, Sophie Harris-Taylor uses her medium as a method of self-reflection, exploring relatable and humanist topics in beautifully candid ways. Her most recent, _Epidermis_, sees Sophie touch on the highly sensitive and much-talked-about subject of body positivity, particularly how we view imperfection.

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We all dream of leaving our acne behind in high school, but for those who have cystic or other severe acne lasting into adulthood, it can be a tough road. BuzzFeed's latest video, "People Live With Acne for a Day", has two clear-skinned people explore what a day in others' skin feels like. After a trip to the makeup chair for some prosthetic acne, Ciara and Shane see themselves for the first time: Ciara looks totally shocked (as does a friend, who exclaims "OH MY GOD! Look at your face!"…

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