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Take your reading experience to the next level with these exciting reading challenge ideas. Expand your literary horizons and challenge yourself to read more books with these inspiring ideas.
Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Beat the Backlist reading challenge! A new year, a new TBR pile, and a new set of readers tackling their backlist! This reading …

Do you have books on your to-read list that already released? Do you struggle to get to those backlist books with all the new releases each year? Do you enjoy relaxed reading challenges you can do at your own pace? Then it’s time to beat your backlist! Started in 2017, Beat the Backlist is here […]

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If you like PopSugar's Reading Challenge and are looking for something new to try that will help you pick books to read, check out this fun, 45 prompt reading challenge by Shelf Reflection for the year 2024. These unique reading prompts will help broaden your horizons and read things you wouldn't no

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I remember many years ago going to a talk that Madeleine L'Engle gave at my college. At the end of her talk, she opened the floor to questions and a young woman got up and asked, "I would really love to do what you do. What recommendation do you have for an aspiring writer?" L'Engle told her that until she published, she would need to have a job to pay the bills. "Don't take a job, like teacher, that will drain your creativity. Wash dishes at a restaurant, or similar manual labor. The work…

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We’re moving to, so check out the Key Word Reading Challenge there (and the monthly-check-ins). Welcome back to another year of the Key Word Reading Challenge! We’re very excited to be hosting again. + HOW IT WORKS + :: Your task is simple. Read a book each month with one (or more) of the