Real life disney characters

Witness the amazing transformations of real people into beloved Disney characters. See how these talented individuals bring the magic of Disney to life with their stunning cosplay creations.
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Real hair is not plastic. And that means it moves with the wind. However, when you look back at Disney movies, one thing is very clear, they didn't care about hair physics. That might be because they had to hand-draw a lot of things or because they always wanted their Princesses to look perfect. Whatever

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Disney movies changed our childhood for the better. Ever since we were little, we’ve seen the princesses wait for a prince to search for them, whether it be by way of a glass shoe, breaking a long-standing curse with a kiss, or coming in the form of a frog. We often imagined what they would look like, and thanks to today’s artificial technology, we can see for ourselves. Here is what some of them would look like if they were alive.

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