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Researchers from Russia's Tomsk State University found a fossilized "unicorn" skull in Kazakhstan. Don't go breaking out your My Little Pony unicorns in celebration, though, because they didn't look like that! These "unicorns" looked more like rhinos.

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Adventuring in Asaths Profile Thread - posted in BackStage: All Our Stories Told: Name: Arannis Age: 400ish. Species: Fey Elf, Male General description: Standing slightly over 6 feet tall Arannis looks very thin indeed. He has iron grey hair which leads many humans to believe he is somewhat older than he is. He wears a well fitted tunic and trousers covered by a loose robe that doesn't interfere with his gestuers while he casts spells. Scars: Arannis's back is covered in red scars...