Recycled wrapping paper

Discover unique ways to repurpose and reuse recycled wrapping paper. Get inspired to create eco-friendly gift wrapping designs that are both beautiful and sustainable.
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I’m such a sap when it comes to anything Christmas related. I love to get all festive and do all the magical things with my family. It’s just such a really fun time of the year I can’t help myself. One of my favorite parts is wrapping gifts and displaying them under the tree with my hubby. More like he watches me display them. But he is still there with me and we wrap together so it’s definitely a time […]

Lori Powell
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If you love recycling holiday gift wrapping leftovers like me than you will adore 18 holiday recycled gift wrapping ideas. Every year I gather all the gift wrapping material family tear off from the gifts and see what I can salvage. It’s normally ribbon, ornaments, and pretty bags. Let’s take it to the next level...

Diane Adams