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Discover unique and eco-friendly ideas to reuse paper and reduce waste. Find out how you can give new life to old paper while helping the environment.
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If you are a mom or dad and you have kids that already go to school, I’m pretty sure that sometime in your life, you are asking yourself “What are you going to do with their old notebooks?”. It is easy to throw out those old notebooks and just buy a new set of notebooks every school year. But of course, we all know that we can still use those old school notebooks and used papers. Ever since my son started going to school, I always have a pile of papers, notebooks, and books. So at the end of…

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Paper and paper waste are both present in the workspace. With the introduction of virtual & digital document processing, we expected to see paper waste become less of a problem. And although we use less paper now, the numbers are still significant enough to pose a problem. So here are a few strategies to reduce paper waste in the office.

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Recycled newspaper pencils available in multiple purchase options. They come without any packaging or packaged in an eco-friendly recycled handmade paper sleeve with specs of silk fiber thread. Each package is individually hand crafted by a PARWANA artisan, precision cut and glued by hand. Perfect eco gift! About The Paper Our recycled textured card stock paper is made on handmade wooden deckles by PARWANA artisans. Each handmade paper is handcrafted from a blend of plant remnants and…

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