Root chakra healing

Discover effective techniques to heal and balance your root chakra. Unlock a sense of stability, security, and groundedness in your life with these transformative practices.
“Chakras are important elements on your spiritual path and understanding them will allow you to better integrate your … | Chakra health, Chakra, Root chakra healing

Feb 9, 2021 - Oct 28, 2020 - I think you'll agree with me when I say, that food has the center stage in the life of all living beings on our planet. You are probably aware that, your food choices have a big impact on the quality of your physical and spiritual health. In fact, food directly influences your physical and astral (linga sharira) body.

Deena Jackson
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This Root Chakra Card tells you about the crystals, affirmations and aromatherapy options for that chakra, plus there is a guided meditation on the back. Chakra Healing Cards provide so many resources to help you work on restoring and strengthening your chakras. Find the healer within by learning to do this work yourself.

Seema Kulkarni