Rose tyler outfit

Channel your inner Rose Tyler with these stylish outfit ideas inspired by her iconic looks. Discover how to recreate her fashion-forward outfits and add a touch of time-traveling charm to your wardrobe.
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Rose items are in very high demand and very very rare. They have been out of print for many years and were rare when purchased for the episode. Prices tend to skyrocket and it can take months to years to find items. Be patient, prepared to spend a lot, in some cases never find it and please do not ask cosplayers to sell their items unless they offer. I will provide reference photos upon request, often do screenprint runs and provide DIY guides. All prices are based on September of 2013. As…

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I am such a big fan of Doctor Who, and I love some of the things that Rose wears, especially the oufit she wears in Tooth and Claw. She wears some really unique outfits, things out of the norm. I have a denim playsuit, it's not a skirt but rather shorts, but it still looks pretty close to this one. I found this picture of a crown on the net and printed it out onto iron on paper. I got a plain pink tshirt from Supre and ironed it on. Add some tights and boots and you've got yourself an…

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