Roti prata recipe

Learn how to make homemade roti prata with these easy and delicious recipes. Impress your family and friends with your culinary skills and enjoy a taste of authentic Indian cuisine.
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Am so happy to say that this whole month of september is going to be an another long month of blogging marathon. Actually every year during april and september, we blogger marathoners give a change to our routine three days posts and go for a month of blogging marathon. I have been a part of this adventure and felt like saying that am very much excited to do this non stop blogging for a month because of this marathon. Every long marathon have their own themes, we have already tried Indian…

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My Kitchen Snippets: Roti Canai/Paratha Bread - Step by Step 500 grm flour 300 ml water 1 egg 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp condensed milk 1 tbsp margarine Some vegetable oil Paratha Bread, Indian Bread, Naan Flatbread, Paratha Recipes, Paratha, Roti Prata Recipe, Indian Food Recipes, Bread Baking, Roti

One of the things I miss most here in the USA is the Mamak stalls. We like to go there for breakfast or for teh tarik (pull tea) in the evening. My friends and I can just sit there and talk till the wee hours in the morning. Sometimes I do miss that simplicity in life. Roti canai or roti paratha is a flat bread that is flip over and over until they become transparently thin before they fold them with lots of air bubble and ghee inside that when they pan fry it, it becomes light and crispy on…

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