Sauna heater

Enhance your sauna sessions with a high-quality sauna heater that provides optimal warmth and comfort. Explore top sauna heater options to create a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience.
Considering wood burning or electric heat for your sauna? Read the pros and cons of each type in this in-depth look from Backcountry Recreation. Sauna Wood Stove, Homemade Sauna, Sauna Build, Wood Burning Sauna, Sauna Stove, Electric Sauna, Converted Shed, Electric Sauna Heater, Wood Sauna

Wood Burning Or Electric Heat?

The decision to invest in a barrel or outdoor sauna for your home isn't a difficult one to make. The benefits of a sauna are amazing: a reduction in joint and muscle pain, it relaxes the muscles, boosts your immune system, stimulates circulation to your blood system, helps metabolism, detoxifies and improves the skin, and much more!

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Auroom Mira L Cabin Sauna Kit

The Auroom Mira outdoor home sauna kit follows a modern design that feels welcoming yet luxurious, so that you and your guests can relax in style. The exterior is made specifically to withstand any weather with its beautiful thermally modified spruce cladding featuring a posh black finish. Inside the inviting Mira, the elegant front glass wall coupled with the indirect LED bench lighting creates a wonderful ambiance that is perfect for a relaxation oasis. With straightforward installation…

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8 Step Guide on How To Build a Sauna

Building a great sauna can be achieved with good forward planning, preparation and general building skills. Over the years our team have seen lots saunas which I would refer to as unconventional or just simply misinformed about sauna design and execution. While there are many different ways to build a good sauna, depending on who […]

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