Savings jar

Discover creative and fun ways to use a savings jar to reach your financial goals. Start saving today and watch your money grow with these exciting ideas.
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This honeycomb be Savings template helps you to Save $3000 Savings all in your own time. It will help you to meet all of your savings goals. Each time you save $50 you cross off or shade off each honeycomb till the full 3000 is saved. Saving can be hard but with this you can make it a fun challenge with this neat budget and savings planner. Safe enough a week to add to the savings pot. Get healthier with your finances and savings. This document will help you and guide you to save small…

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Teaching kids to save their money can be hard. Heck convincing myself I need to save money seems nearly impossible sometimes. That's why I decided to try something new with my kids this year. This year we will be saving money 1¢ at a time. Here's how this works. First you will need a jar.

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