Scaffolding wood

Explore creative and functional wood scaffolding ideas for your next project. Discover how wood scaffolding can provide stability and versatility while adding a rustic touch to your construction work.
DIY Scaffolding.  Yep Eric needs this for all those touch up and re-painting we are going to do! Diy Scaffolding Ideas, Diy Scaffolding, Ceiling Diy, Car Port, Paint Your House, House Loft, Foyer Decor, Woodworking Plans Diy, Diy Home Repair

For months I've been concerned on how we were going to paint the family room area. Leaving it the boring builder beige was not an option. The ceilings are 10' that vault up to over 17'. I thought for sure we would have to rent scaffolding and also rent a truck or borrow someone's to get it here. My husband looked online and found someone that had built there own, that got him thinking. Saturday afternoon he decided that Monday we should paint. I couldn't believe it I was beyond excited and…

Krystal Tate