Sea fishing

Discover the best tips and techniques for sea fishing to improve your chances of a successful catch. Learn the secrets of seasoned fishermen and make the most of your fishing trips with these expert tips.
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This past Thursday, May 12, 2016, I was invited onto The Carolina Girl Charter Boat to photograph the day during the Hatteras Island Blue Marlin Tournament. I arrived at the Hatteras Harbor Marina…

Samantha Lee
Gone Fishing by Chris Rea Trips, Happiness, Lugares, Fotos, Viajes, Strand, Fotografie, Beach, Relax

Gone Fishing by Chris Rea I'm gone fishing I got me a line Nothing i do is gonna make the difference So i'm taking the time And you ain't never gonna be happy Anyhow, anyway So i'm gone fishing And i'm going today I'm gone fishing Sounds crazy i know I know nothing about fishing But just watch me go And when the time has come I will look back and see Peace on the shoreline That could have been me You can waste a whole lifetime Trying to be What you think is expected of you But you'll never…

bob bacurin